The Sanity of St. Benedict from 1952

The Sanity of St. Benedict | Commonweal Magazine

This is a great personal account of how Whittaker Chambers encountered St. Benedict and the whole Catholic tradition.

He aptly summarizes the genius of St. Benedict:

In an age of pillar saints and furiously competing athletes of the spirit, when men plunged by thousands into the desert, in a lunge toward God, and in revulsion from man, St. Benedict’s Rule brought a saving and creative sanity. Its temper was that of moderation as against excesses of zeal, of fruitful labor as against austerities pushed to the point of fruitlessness, of discipline as against enthusiasm, of continence of spirit and conduct as against incontinence.


The whole thing is worth reading.  It meanders a bit at the beginning, but stay with it to the end–it’s worth it.

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