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St. Bernard and Thomas Merton on Simplicity & the True Aim of Life

“…our chief, in fact our only task, is to get rid of the ‘double’ garment, the overlaying layer of duplicity that is not ourselves.”  –Thomas Merton on finding our true self. Today is the feast of St. Bernard of Clairvaux.  Bernard was one of the most prominent figures in the high middle ages in Europe and had a profound influence…

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Thomas Merton, Fuga Mundi & the Benedict Option – Fuga Mundi Series, Part 5

  Thomas Merton’s fuga mundi, or “flight from the world,” was a complex and multi-faceted thing.  When I envisioned this series back in the fall I had to idea it would end where it did.  I didn’t ever think that Star Wars would factor into my fuga mundi reflections.  But there it was, right at the center of Star Wars story–and in the…

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Benedict Option Advice for Evangelicals (And for Everyone)

I’ve been mulling over the Benedict Option and Evangelicals ever since video of Rod Dreher’s talk at UVA’s Center for Christian Study posted a couple of weeks ago.  As a Catholic, I find Evangelical interest in the Benedict Option fascinating.  My own Benedict Option journey has involved nearly 20 years of Catholic churches, countless trips to monasteries in the U.S. and abroad,…

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The Office of Vigils, the Sayings of the Desert Fathers, and a 2:00 am Amber Alert

My day began today at 2:00 am to the sound of an Amber Alert ringing out like an air raid siren on my wife’s iPhone in our bedroom.  I’m all for these kinds of alerts, but the situation it was alerting us to was actually taking place somewhere in Pennsylvania, which would be at least 5 hours from our house.  After about…

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