St. Benedict of Nursia – Fuga Mundi Series, Part 3

Welcome to the third installment of the Fuga Mundi Series.   Christians have always been faced with the challenge of how to be “in the world, but not of the world.”  The Latin phrase for this is fuga mundi, which literally [ . . . ]

Benedict Option Advice for Evangelicals (And for Everyone)

I’ve been mulling over the Benedict Option and Evangelicals ever since video of Rod Dreher’s talk at UVA’s Center for Christian Study posted a couple of weeks ago.  As a Catholic, I find Evangelical interest in the Benedict Option fascinating.  My own [ . . . ]

Novena to St. Benedict – Day Eight – The Apostle

Today’s iteration of the novena is dedicated to all who have expressed skepticism or concern over what is perceived to be a “withdrawl” from society in the recent discussions of Rod Dreher’s Benedict Option.  Please note the paradox at work in [ . . . ]

Novena to St. Benedict – Day Four – The Lawgiver

Today we reflect on the necessary role of law in our faith and religious life.  May St. Benedict inspire us all to a greater understanding and appreciation of this often-misunderstood aspect of faith!   HYMN As once upon Cassino’s heights, Our [ . . . ]

Novena to St. Benedict – Day Three – The Father

HYMN Eternal Father, God of Love, Look kindly on us from above, And grant that we may never stray From paths marked out by you each day. You sent Saint Benedict to be Our father, who would help us see [ . . . ]