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The Benedict Option, Evangelicals, and Catholics: A Response

On the heels of Rod Dreher’s week-long sojourn in Louisville to share more about the Benedict Option with Evangelicals there, a rash of blog posts has followed.  In the first of what is now four posts, Dreher shares a question that was posed by Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, in an interview he…

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Benedict Option Advice for Evangelicals (And for Everyone)

I’ve been mulling over the Benedict Option and Evangelicals ever since video of Rod Dreher’s talk at UVA’s Center for Christian Study posted a couple of weeks ago.  As a Catholic, I find Evangelical interest in the Benedict Option fascinating.  My own Benedict Option journey has involved nearly 20 years of Catholic churches, countless trips to monasteries in the U.S. and abroad,…

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Novena to St. Benedict – Day Eight – The Apostle

Today’s iteration of the novena is dedicated to all who have expressed skepticism or concern over what is perceived to be a “withdrawl” from society in the recent discussions of Rod Dreher’s Benedict Option.  Please note the paradox at work in the fact that St. Benedict did make a profound withdrawl from society, but yet still had a monumental impact on…

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My “Benedict Option” Reading List: A Response

  Rod Dreher’s Benedict Option Reading List post today was the perfect response to the recent barrage of critics of the Benedict Option (most recently here, today).  It inspired me to post my own list.  Note the whole left stack is monastic sources dating back to St. Athanasius’ biography of St. Antony of the Desert, one of the biggest influences on the…

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