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Thanks for stopping by–and welcome.  Are you interested in deepening your faith, your prayer life, but find that time is tight with all of the busy-ness of life?  Do you want to pass on a deeper, more vibrant faith to your kids? If the answer is yes, then you’re in the right place.  We need a living and active faith before we can pass it on.  We need to be living examples of what we believe.  Ever wondered how you could translate into your everyday life those practices of prayer, fasting, and work that monks the world over practice every day.  I’ve been asking that question for over 20 years and relentlessly experimenting with how to put elements of this into practice each day.  In short, asking the question: how can I make my Domestic Church more monastic?

My name is Craig, I’m a married Catholic convert with two boys who has spent over three years studying and praying with Benedictine monks both here and abroad.  I hold a Master of Arts in Systematic Theology and Monastic Studies and a BA in Liberal Arts focusing on history, philosophy, and literature.

Let me share with you three areas of the site here at Another Benedict that will help you live your Domestic Monastic life.

The Blog

This is where I think out loud.  I’ll post theological reflections, insights from my Lectio Divina, thoughts on books I’m reading (I read every day too), or comments on current cultural situation.  These are some of my favorite posts:

The Podcast  

Another Benedict Radio is where I get to talk to others who are also engaging in Domestic Monastic living.  Each of the guests has been touched by the Christian monastic, mystical, or contemplative traditions and has brought some element of that into their daily life.  I want to learn from them and share that with you.  We all get to learn together!

The Regula Vitae (rule of life)

This notion of a regular vitae was central to both the earliest Christians and became central to the monastic movement as well.  The early Church was often referred to as “the Way,” and this “Way” took its queues from the Jewish practices of prayer and fasting.  This prayer and fasting was supported by the disciplines and rituals around Baptism and Eucharist.  My regula vitae reflects my organized routine of prayer, study, work, and fasting.

Thanks again for stopping by and please let me know how I can help or what you might like to see on the website.

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