Prayer with the Trappists at St. Joseph’s Abbey

Yes, I did actually make it out to the abbey for Lauds and Mass at 6:00 am both Friday and Saturday mornings.  Breathing monastic air once again and participating, as much as one can, in the prayer was both refreshing and inspiring.  The simple weight of the liturgy, the chant, and the whole monastic pace of life bearing down on my busy-ness was so soothing.

Outside the guest chapel at St. Joseph's Abbey, Spencer, MA.

Outside the guest chapel at St. Joseph’s Abbey, Spencer, MA.


Saturday morning I got there early enough (running late Friday morning) to pray my usual Invitatory to start my day.  It was so powerful to pray it at the monastery chapel.  Pictured below next to the abbey’s guest psalter (left), is my weapon of choice: Benedictine Daily Prayer: A Short Breviary compiled and edited by Max Johnson.  Dr. Johnson is a Benedictine oblate and professor of liturgy at Notre Dame.

Getting ready for Lauds Saturday morning.

Getting ready for Lauds Saturday morning.


And here’s a little message from the monks, a reminder of something we all need more of.



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