Novena to St. Benedict – Day Seven – The Teacher


Beloved Father, we now pray:
Instruct us how to walk God’s way,
That we may not reject God’s law,
But quickly from all sin withdraw.

Our voices now we gladly raise
To sing the Lord’s eternal praise:
This praise of God, as taught by you,
Is rightly God’s eternal due.

All praise to God the Father be,
And to His Son eternally,
With equal glory, as is meet,
To God the holy Paraclete.

ANTIPHON: The holy monk Benedict could not have lived differently from what he taught.

PSALM 33:11-16. The Teachings of God

My children, come near to me now, * and listen to what I shall say / concerning the fear of the Lord:
Now, which of you truly loves life / and wishes for happiness here? * If truly you wish to have life / and seek to enjoy the good things which God has bestowed up on us:
Then keep your tongue from evil speech, / and guard your lips from telling lies: * stay far away from evil deeds, / pursue and strive for lasting peace.
The Lord has his eyes on the just, / he listens to pleas of the just: * the wicked he scorns and rejects, / and every remembrance of them will be without honor or praise.

ANTIPHON: The holy monk Benedict could not have lived differently from what he taught.


When anyone accepts the name abbot, he should govern his disciples with a twofold teaching: that is, he should show by his deeds, even more than by his words, all that is good and holy. To those disciples sufficiently able to understand he will make known the commands of God by word of mouth; but to the hard-hearted and simple-minded he will teach the divine precepts by this deeds.

R. Thanks be to God.

V. The mouth of the just utters wisdom
R. And his tongue speaks justice.


Let us pray.  God of wisdom and of counsel, raise up in your Church the Spirit which guided the man of God, Benedict, so that, filled with that same Holy Spirit, we may seek to love what he loved, and to practice what he taught.  This we ask of you through Christ our Lord.

R. Amen.


V. Pray for us, holy Father Benedict.
R. That we may obtain the grace of a happy death.

Holy Father Benedict, * Blessed by God in grace and in name, * while standing in prayer with your hands raised to heaven, * you most happily yielded your angelic spirit into the hands of your Creator. You promised zealously to defend against the snares of the enemy, * in the last struggle of death, * those who shall daily remind you * of your glorious departure and your heavenly joys. Protect us therefore * this day and every day by your holy blessing, * that we may never be separated from our blessed Lord, * from the company of yourself and all the blessed. We ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen.


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