Novena to St. Benedict Begins July 2

Click on the image above to order a copy of the Novena to St. Benedict

Click on the image above to order a copy of the Novena to St. Benedict

One can search the web and find lots of “novenas” to St. Benedict.  Most are just a single, short prayer having to do with St. Benedict that you say for nine consecutive days.  Okay, sure, that technically qualifies as a novena, but the Novena to St. Benedict I’ll be posting here is the most substantive novena to the great saint that I know of.  It is a slim booklet of 40 pages, but each of the nine days focuses on an aspect of Benedict’s life.  The booklet is available from Liturgical Press (home of so many good things related to St. Benedict!).  Click on the cover above to get your copy.

I first came across this novena in graduate school at St. John’s University’s School of Theology in Collegeville, Minnesota.  I literally lived right next to the Liturgical Press building.  Lit Press, as they are known, has a small showroom where they sell a selection of their wears.  If you’re ever in Collegeville definitely stop by and check them out.  Anyway, the showroom typically had a “Sale” section offering discounted books and I often checked it to see if they had anything of interest.  One day, they had a number of copies of this novena sitting on the shelf.  I had no idea that such a thing even existed, but was intrigued so I picked up a copy.  As the summer approached, I advertised a public gathering to pray the novena in the nine preceding days leading up to the Feast of St. Benedict on July 11.  That gathering netted at least two monks and about six other grad students.

So mark your calendars and carve out some time in those busy schedules!  Each day of the novena will be posted on the Novena to St. Benedict page here on the blog.

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