Another Benedict is born!

Welcome!  The site is still under construction, but let me tell you a bit about it while you’re here.

The site is inspired by the famous (to some) last chapter of philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre’s book After Virtue, where he states that our society and culture are in need of a different type of St. Benedict to survive our current cultural malaise.  St. Benedict lived at a time in Rome when age-old social and cultural institutions were crumbling (sound familiar?) and standards and expressions of moral behavior were at a low.  So St. Benedict retreated from all of that, to try to get his head on straight and live right.  He did a good job of it, and history bears witness to that basic fact.  Today, I feel that same need: to withdraw, get my head on straight, and live a more authentic human life.

This site is about my experiences around the world learning from our monastic brothers and sisters, past and present–and my feeble attempts to replicate that wisdom as a cornerstone of my spiritual life as a married father of two young boys.

I am a convert to the Catholic Church.  The parish where I was received is right around the corner from a small Benedictine monastic community.  So rather than go to daily Mass and learn to pray the Rosary (which I did eventually learn to do) as I would have had the parish been almost anywhere else, I went to go pray and study with the monks at St. Martin’s Abbey during my last year of college.

I went on to study more with the monks at St. John’s Abbey, along with my wife, study abroad in Italy, Greece, and Turkey, and become professionally involved in digital preservation in the humanities.

In addition to St. Benedict, Alasdair MacIntyre, and monastic spirituality, my other interests will also show up on the pages here, such as Christopher Dawson, the relationship between Christianity and culture, Catholic ecclesiology, sacramentality, Domestic Church, Theology of the Body.

I have to give a final acknowledgement to Rod Dreher, whose writings in general have edified and inspired me, but, more recently, his writings on what he calls “the Benedict Option” have fueled my desire to finally get this blog out of my head and out on the interweb.

As time and inspiration permit, the site will fill out and be more and more a place where we can all come to drink from the currents of monastic spirituality and practice–past and present.

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