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How the Reformation Failed, A Response: Paradox or Contradiction?

Early last week, First Things posted an excerpt from a piece by Peter J. Leithart titled How the Reformation Failed.  The longer piece can be found at Leithart’s Theopolis Institute site.  After reading the longer piece I tweeted a recommendation to read the post and that I agreed with much of it.  Following my tweet, an Evangelical friend sent me a…

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The Benedict Option, Evangelicals, and Catholics: A Response

On the heels of Rod Dreher’s week-long sojourn in Louisville to share more about the Benedict Option with Evangelicals there, a rash of blog posts has followed.  In the first of what is now four posts, Dreher shares a question that was posed by Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, in an interview he…

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A Benedict Option Manifesto?

I don’t know if Rod Dreher’s upcoming book on the Benedict Option will include a manifesto like his 2005 Crunchy Cons did, but I can imagine it being something like the following from Thomas Merton’s 1951 book Ascent to Truth: The only thing that can save the world from complete moral collapse is a spiritual revolution.  Christianity, by its very…

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